The Hard Parts

Leaving Dad


When we moved to Kelowna 5 years ago, my Mom was very ill and sadly passed away 6 weeks later. I wasn’t working at the time and so I as able to spend a great deal of time with my Dad. Dad and I had lived in separate cities for 30 years so we really got to know each other better during time. Sista Patty, Dad and I started a lunch club, ‘The Thirsty Trio’, and had many great meals and walks. When I went back to work in March of 2009, Dad and I saw less of each other but Joe, Salsa and I have faithfully kept a weekly date to see Dad for Happy Hour every Tuesday. Cheese and crackers and cocktails. Freshly baked pies, popcorn, and many other delicacies have been served over the years. We all look forward to this time together each week and this, and especially Dad, we truly shall miss. However, my Dad and Mom were avid world travellers themselves and Joe and I enjoy listening to Dad’s stories of the places they explored. So we know he has a good understanding and appreciation of our need to travel and a respect for us for doing it. Dad is 87 now and I know if he could join us, he would. Actually it wouldn’t surprise us if he showed up in Germany or Switzerland – oh how we would love and enjoy that!




It Takes a Village To Raise A Dream

Oh Salsa, how can we leave her behind? With great difficulty – but we cannot put our life on hold anymore because of our dog. Perhaps that is hard for any pet owner to understand – and for me too because I actually haven’t done it yet. However Salsa has co-parents – Jan and Brian Kerr. Salsa goes to their house any day Joe and I are both working and when we go out of town. Salsa loves them – probably more than she loves us it feels like! These kind souls volunteered, without asking, to take our dog for a year. Who does that? They do. And so because of them, we are able to go on our adventure. Hopefully, with time, Salsa will forgive us for abandoning her for a year. We plan on face timing her to see how much weight she has gained/lost and to monitor her flying lessons.

Our next door neighbours, the Gambles, have invited Salsa into their home anytime the Kerr’s are away. I know my Dad would have loved to have taken her, but caring for a dog for a year would be too much work for a man on the prowl. LOL!

Quitting Our Jobs

Quitting our jobs was another hurdle we had to work in. Joe and I both work for the same company, GLH Vending, so it was important to us to give them enough notice to find two replacements. We still needed to work for as long as we could, so didn’t want to give too much notice either. Timing issues came into play (possession date / departure date) and things just fell into place. Luckily our employers are a great bunch and were very supportive. Joe and I were professional enough to want everything to be covered once we left, so we all worked together. We will miss all of our GLH friends and family a great deal!

Our departure date from Kelowna is also Joe’s official retirement date and he is thrilled and ready to kick back. What a great start to retirement! I am so happy for him and look forward to him running the house. I, being the much younger wife, will have to return to work when we get back. Doing what, I don’t know; I’ll think about that in about 12 months!

The Feeling of Homelessness


People have asked how we feel about being ‘homeless’. This experience just began on August 22 2014, so we can’t say for sure at this point. But how I imagine it, is we will pack up every few days, or week or months and go to a new ‘home’ in a new country or city or island with new views and awaiting experiences. We don’t have a home to miss or many personal belongings. We will miss our family and our friends but are lucky to live in an age of electronics and social media. We will never be far away!