September 14, 2014 11:31 pm

Wednesday Sept 10

Arrived safe and sound in our first US destination! No problems with our carry-on; think we have a good packing system now. Here we are arriving at the Chicago Airport. What you see is all of our luggage for one year – pretty good, huh?




Took a taxi to our house rental – what a great neighbourhood! Lots of restaurants, bars and the train that we take downtown is only a 10-15 minute walk. Tricia, our host, welcomed us and left us armed with maps and information about the city. House is great; older but very funky and full of interesting things. Tricia is an artist so the house is lively and full of color.



Got settled in and then went exploring the neighbourhood – beautiful warm evening!

Thursday Sept 11

Ventured into town today but did not realize how cold it was out. I was freezing and not dressed properly for the day; Joe claimed to be Ok but shit it was cold.  Apparently the temperature broke a 1940 low record; think the high was 10 c. I had to buy a warm jacket but boy did I feel better. No more shopping!!

Went to Gino’s East for deep dish pizza – very yummy! Crust is like a pie crust; very different than regular pizza. Sauce was great – we shared a small pie – very filling. Everyone writes on the walls :



Walked the Magnificent Mile and did some window shopping. When we got home, I broke down and bought Season 2 of Game  of Thrones. We spend most nights under a blanket on the couch watching an episode or two. So good!!

Friday Sept  12

Colder yet today and raining. Riding on the ‘L’ train is so cool – the train comes within inches of buildings and merges along side other trains so close you can read the screens of the passengers; and they are all on their phones. Also saw a couple of Selfie Sticks in Chicago! Jeezzzz…

We walked many miles and hours again. This time we were prepared; dressed warmer and wore rain gear. Checked out the Navy Pier


After at least five hours walking in the rain and cold (still having a good time but getting a little hangry) we stumbled upon a Weber Grill (as in the BBQ) restaurant. We were very excited and as many of you will know, Joe LOVES Weber BBQ’s. Dinner was great and made for a happier ending to our day.



Saturday Sept 13

The sun came out! Gave us a better picture of a sunny Saturday in downtown Chicago – busy! Went on the river Architectural Tour – very interesting! Then we walked around Millennium Park that had this huge stage with big screen (outdoor) featuring music from around the world. Lots of families enjoying the music. Great people watching – lots of weddings. Saw this bride (those are feathers) – happened to follow behind her for awhile and watched the reactions as people saw her – very funny:




After that we walked over to Andy’s Jazz Bar. Joe had been there before many years ago and was anxious to return. We tried to get in 3 times over the last few days and …. Third time lucky! $10 cover per person – we stayed and had a couple of drinks but after about 3 drum solos we decided to move on for dinner. (Wasn’t the nice, quiet jazz Joe expected). Glad we were able to hit this spot as it was on Joe’s to do list. Pretty cool – very popular in Chicago.

Went back to our neighbourhood and had sushi for dinner. Yummy. Several Block Parties going on – so cool! This area reminds us of Main Street in Vancouver. 🙂

Sunday Sept 14

Had lunch with a VIP today – our oldest son Jordan was in town on business so we met him at Joe’s Seafood Restaurant for some delicious crab dishes. So nice to see him and know we will see him again on our trip. Get better Jordan!

Walked around the river walk, stopped for a beer and shopped at Eataly – this incredible speciality store that had so many wines, pastas, cheese etc. Made us excited for Italy!




Now we are chillaxing and having dinner at home tonight. Still hope to go to a Blues Bar in the next few days! Leave for New York on Wednesday.

Please send as a ‘Hello’ or comment so we know you are out there!


  • Patty Loader says:

    Hey sista!…Looks like fun-filled days for you. Nice little house you are in. Hey! Your hair is blonder than mine…Too bad about the cold weather though. It is so beautiful and warm here. Miss you my sista !

  • Janice Tebb says:

    Hello there! Look forward to your blog..looks like you are enjoying ORD…We met Jesikas new man last weeend. Super nice. Golfed today with Dale. 25 degrees here..perfect golf weather. Harv got a hole in one last Sunday at the Desert Canyon course in Oliver!! Very exciting. Have you seen Oprah? lol Miss you xo

    • paula says:

      Hi Janice! A hole in one – incredible! Congrats to Harvey for us….yes I have seen Oprah; on a sign. LOL Thanks for commenting! Xoxo

  • Jan says:

    Looks like you two are having a wonderful time. Too bad for Joe about the jazz bar. Hope the weather stays nice for you.

  • Nicole says:

    Paula- looks like you are visiting many interesting places! That bride’s dress was crazy! She must be a big fan of pink! Your hair looks good – so different than the dark I remember!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • paula says:

      Hi Nicole – thanks for the comment; nice to know I am not talking to myself lol. Saw many brides that day – they must have been freezing. Another bride had a bright yellow dress. Ya, my hair changed over the years to accommodate the greying. Will be alnatural soon!

  • Spencer says:


    Looks like you guys are having a great time. Luggage looks like it is bulging at the seams but I’m impressed at how well you packed! Chicago looks nice aside from the weather, cant wait to see New York!


    • paula says:

      Hi Spencie! Yes, a little bulging but it fit in the overhead compartment so that’s all that matters. I also had 2 shoulder bags and Dad had one. Sure will save money this way! We sure have been walking a lot – good exercise but thirst inducing LOL. Xoxoxo

  • Jordan says:

    It was great to be able to meet up with you guys for lunch yesterday! I’m so glad the timing worked out. The blog posts are great, can’t wait to see what New York brings for you. Happy travels.

  • Linda Stefanyshyn says:

    Sounds like – my kind of town, Chicago is! Would love to go there. Have fun! Love your new hairdo 🙂

  • Bonnie Gerlitz says:

    Wow you 2 are really taking lots in ! accomadations look great too! We had an awesome weekend here. Dad and Linda came to help celebrat Auntie Enids birthday as well as lots of Sask. family that we haven’t seen in years. Great time at Jim and Dianne’s on Sat. and great time here on Sun. with more good food drink and catching up !!

  • Patti Walkeden says:

    Hey guys, I love reading your blogs. Great pics too. The house in Chicago sure looks cool. Les and I went on that architectural boat tour when we were there. Loved it. I hope that you didn’t miss The Bean cause it was pretty neat too. Keep blogging . And enjoying!!

    • paula says:

      Hi Patti – we did see the bean and it was very cool! We tried to do all the things you guys suggested but you were hard to keep up with lol. Nice to hear from you!

  • Irene and Clarence says:

    You guys look so happy and relaxed. I am so happy that you are getting to do this great adventure. Yes we know how to do facetime so will have to get together. I do not always have it turned on. Better fix that RIGTH got the blogg working

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