Life Off Of The Road

April 8, 2019 8:44 pm

We are back and blogging!!

September 4, 2018 marked three years since we returned to Kelowna from our One Year Travel Adventure. Where did three+ years go? Well, after some adjustments to being stationary, we settled into our prior lives. Our dog, family and friends were happy to have us back. We bought a condo. I was rehired into a new position with GLH Vending. We started hiking again and headed to the trails often.

Joe enjoyed retirement for about 6 months and then we bought a record store, Underground Music.



The store was full circle for us both, after being out of the record industry for many decades. Joe loved it and was in his element; he did an amazing job running the store and it looked fantastic.

There was some blood, sweat and tears over the 2.5 years but more importantly, we had great fun, a little extra income, met fantastic people and gained valuable experience by running a small business. Plus, we discovered we worked well together! What will we think of next?


However, that one year of travel only enhanced the longing, and need to travel more. We started talking about another journey not long after we returned. Our travel experiences provided us with so many memories. We reminisce often and have flashbacks to particular restaurants, sites and cities, which refresh the memories lost in one another. Certain songs send us spiraling back to a favourite bar or restaurant. Joe is always on Google Earth, zooming into hotels or locations we visited to keep it alive. News items, movie scenes or book references featuring places we have been, all made these events more realistic and imaginable. “We were there!” is said often.

These experiences also gave us a new confidence, more open-mindedness, new friends and a more worldly perspective. Traveling truly does make people happy. We are changed, body, heart and soul.

So please take our advice and do not to listen to the naysayers about traveling. No place is ever as bad as they or anyone says it’s going to be. We are now smarter travelers and realize that the fear of the unknown that accompanies traveling, dissipates quickly and the challenges are worth it. Just go! Travel often! Or at least follow along with us! LOL

Thank you for joining us as we are going mobile again!

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