Road Trip! Week One

October 15, 2014 2:42 am

Week in Review

Hello there! We are having a fantastic time!

We are not sure if we are fans of making hotel reservations at the spur of the moment. We find we spend so much time looking for the perfect spot when we arrive at our destination, that it consumes a good part of the day. And, it makes us ‘The Bickerson’s’. We like to look at the reviews and rates before committing and I don’t always have phone reception. So we are still fine tuning that. Will return to using airbnb so soon as possible.


The drive continues to have breathtaking views. I just can’t get enough of it. Blinding golden yellows, glowing vibrant oranges, the crimson reds are all amazing together and surround you. We have missed a lot of the reds but what remains when they are finished is a smoky, almost fuzzy look from afar that is incredible. Joe is enjoying as well, but I am  obsessed. We discovered people who make these fall foliage treks are called ‘leaf peepers’. That’s us!


Having a car has been very handy; we really are going mobile now! It’s great to leave stuff in the trunk we don’t need. When we were in Concord MA, we invested $3.50 each for 2 coolers – it’s like camping! And we bought another spice – we almost have a spice rack now – pepper, basil and celery salt! Lol

Interesting to see the small towns on this road trip. The smaller one’s have a cemetary smack dab in the middle of town. In one town, the cemetary was almost attached to the elementary school.  ??  That would make for a freightful Halloween field trip! These people are so lucky to live in such beautiful, colourful surroundings….

Still no moose sightings. Uurrgg!

Sunday, Oct 5 – Portland, Maine

We found a nice vintage Inn in Portland. (This is the ‘Portland’ Stephen King refers to). Joe was quite pleased that he was able to get a room with a private bathroom…..OMG…That would be the day that I shared a bathroom with strangers!


The room was big and roomy and we quite liked it. It was, however, a little surprising to have water drip on my head while brushing my teeth, but, hey, it was our own bathroom so I let it slide.

Monday, Oct 6 – Jefferson, Maine

We don’t think we gave Portland enough of a chance but didn’t have the time to see it all. It is one of Maine’s larger cities and the River Boats come in here. We would have liked to stayed another day.

We packed a lunch in the hotel before checking out and went on an exhilarating hike to Douglas Mountain. Great to be back in the wilderness again. The view was awesome at the top!


Interesting signs…


Next we drove to Jefferson where we had reserved an adorable little rustic cabin that backed on to the woods:


They had a BBQ so Joe cooked some yummy chicken and I managed to throw together (with only one pan and one small serving dish), a pretty good chicken cacciatore with fresh ravioli. Divine in da woods.

It was shortly after dinner we discovered when the lights were on, Ladybugs came out of the woodwork, literally. I do not like bugs, and yes, ladybugs are the cutest of bugs but not when they are amassing around the light fixture above your bed. Joe earned a new job title at this cabin: official bug killer. He was my hero…

Across the highway:


Tuesday, Oct 7

We needed some down time today so decided to stay an extra day. It was pouring rain so I blogged, we played our games, read and had a blah day. Joe enjoys those kind of days, I find them to be rather energy sucking.

The great thing about the cabin was the veranda. Small with 2 chairs and I could put my feet up on the railing and soak in the fantastic view. Happy Hour saves the day!


Leftovers for dinner with only one small light on; but still the ladybugs joined us. It seems every hotel has minor annoyances that we just ignore until it’s time to go and then we almost want to flee.

Wednesday, Oct 8 – Bangor, Maine

Today we fled. Enough of low budgets motels for awhile. Packed up and drove 3 hours to Bangor, Maine in search of the illustrious Stephen King. No, really. Bangor was close so we figured, why not!

Still no moose sightings on the drive but finally a wild turkey! There were lots of wild turkeys on Martha’s Vineyard too. Thought of snafooing one for a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner since they are celebrating Columbus Day here.  We have also seen several  porcupine roadkill; interesting…

Arrived in Bangor and splurged on a Hilton ($149) – seems so luxurious! Bangor is mentioned in King of the Road, the country song by Roger Miller. The line goes “Third boxcar, midnight train. Destination: Bangor, Maine.” I can hear it now!

Did some research on the city and found you could take a 3 hour bus tour of all the Stephen King locations from his books. We decided that has a little excessive and would do a self- guided tour tomorrow.

Thursday, Oct 9

We had  breakfast at Denny’s – cute little diner style. The place was filled with Stephen King characters just waiting to happen. It was surreal; a lot of them seemed to be just a little ‘off’. Missing teeth, unkempt hair and far off looks. So many canes and scooters but not just for the elderly. Mostly for the middle-aged, fast food victims of our time.  The rest of the locals were very warm and friendly.

Went for a hike through the Bangor Forest and bog. Beautiful hike although we did get turned around a bit and had a little trouble finding our way out. Once back on the main trail, a 3 legged dog came bounding out of the woods; tail a wagging. We thought immediately of Pet Sematary!


After our hike, we went in search of the Standpipe from Stephen King’s ‘It’ and the church and then tried to find his house. I google mapped his name and viola! Soo cool to see the home although we felt badly for taking pics at first but we didn’t intrude too long. Just as we were about to leave a Mercedes came out of driveway! Was it him? We weren’t sure!


Landmarks used in his books:


Went into downtown Bangor but doesn’t seem like much to it. No nice restaurants or shops that we could find. Since the city has many new big box stores, we were wondering if that killed the downton core. Also a huge new casino and hotel recently opened that is just wrong for this city. But right for us for an hour – up $25 so happy with that.


We went for a great Mexican dinner – 1/2 pitcher of Margeritas for $5.99! Sadly, Joe doesn’t drink margaritas so I had to suffer through it myself! The waiter didn’t bother with a glass – just gave me a straw!


Tonight we did a panic search for somewhere to stay for the Columbus Day long weekend. Rooms were disappearing faster than I could find them. Finally found a room (outside of our budget) in Sugerloaf Mountain. We will see…

Friday, Oct 10 – Surgarloaf Resort, Maine

Went back to Denny’s on our way out of Bangor and yet more quirky characters were chowing down! Then we had the most beautiful 2 1/2 hour drive to Sugarloaf Resort. The colors were breathtaking around every corner.

Why do they put up signs WATCH FOR MOOSE! And flashing lights WATCH FOR BABY MOOSE! And then don’t share their moose? Just one picture – that’s all I ask! (Yes, I realize it’s the right place at the right time thing, but there were a lot of signs!)

We arrived early at the resort and checked in. This weekend is called Homecoming Weekend here; a welcome back for the skiers. All kinds of events are planned and we get to be absorbed with the masses in the celebration. Pretty quiet tonight, but the are expecting 70% capacity.

Our room is fantastic ; a corner room with incredible views no matter where you look. We also have a small kitchen (no stove) so whipped to the grocers and topped up for the weekend. This room is over budget so breakfasts and lunches in, will help offset the cost.


Saturday, Oct 11

Woke up to a little sunshine so did my yoga and Joe exercised with the blinds open. So incredible. After breakfast we went to the ‘Scenic Lift Rides’. Free this weekend; a ride to the top of the ski run. Now keep in mind, neither of us are skiers nor are we fond of heights. So we are told where to stand on the platform and the chair lift scoops us up and up we go. But we don’t know how to pull the handlebar/foot rest down !! We are both frozen in our seats. Frozen in 2 ways, one in fear of falling out and down, and two, it is suddenly pretty cold and we did not dress appropriately. So we each have one hand on the outer bar and I am holding on to the back of the seat with the other. No idea where Joe’s other hand was because like I said, we were frozen and I didn’t dare look. Gradually we became a bit more comfortable but we made damn sure on the way down that the bar was down!! We went back the next day and we were pros. Love the view here – good for the soul!


After that adventure we decided to warm up in the 39 seater hot tub. So nice!! And we had it all to ourselves. 37 of you could have joined us!


The people are great here, friendly, active, and seemingly wealthy.

Enough to give Stephen King writer’s block.

Went to the ‘beach’ area which I thought was a lake but alas, it was not. They had a DJ, fire pit, food and art show. Tonight Is movie night too.


Next, Joe very patiently, took me on a moose hunt. The hotel gives you a map of frequently sighted locations but we saw nothing! It is the last thing on my New England check list. However it is mating season and they warn you to stay in your car or a moose may charge at you…yikes! Just in case – I have some stand-in’s:


Sunday, Oct 12

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey dinner! We are thankful for the love and support you have all given us, to have you in our lives; our health and happiness and this incredible adventure! We missed having turkey today…


Paula and Joe


  • Carolyne says:

    hey guys!

    Wow those pictures of the different colors are absolutely beautiful almost makes me miss northwestern Ontario and Paula I didn’t realize you were such an avid moose fan! The only moose pictures I have are the ones that are hanging and then in my freezer LOL. Anyway keep pics coming Paige and I were so envious with Stephen King pics! Jan gave us Salom lot and The Stand!! Be safe and have fun

  • Linda S says:

    Looks like you are both having an amazing time!! Happy for you. Great job on the blog… I feel like I am right there with you. Wish I was 🙂 Happy travels.

  • Eddy says:

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. The scenery looks amazing. Miss seeing you two around, but I’m so happy for you both. Enjoy every moment!


  • Ann Cassidy says:

    Hey Paula great writing talents really enjoying your trip and amazing photos keep it up!!

  • Bonnie Gerlitz says:

    Had a great Turkey dinner here Amy, Chris,Lexy,Cady,Justin Michaela Calvin and Doug and I.No big kelowna dinner like the last 2 yrs! But enjoyed the kids! As usual you are doing a great job as tour guide! Your pics. are breath taking!! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Irene and Clarence says:

    Great job on the blog the pictures are amazing. What’s with all the lady bugs? I really like them one or two at a time.

    Sure hope you find your moose

  • Suzi says:

    Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure through your blog.! Beautiful scenery…can’t wait for the next update:)

  • Barb says:

    Hey Paula & Joe, thanks so much for sharing your adventure. The pictures are breathtaking and love the new do. Just so you know I am obsessed with old houses so snap away for me. Really enjoyed the pics of Stephen Kings home. Wow. Glad to see you are working out. P.S. when you go up the chair lift you’re supposed to walk down or mountain bike down, Now that would be an adventure. Keep up the blogging, we love it. Oh, and it was my BD on the weekend and for the first ime in many years we did NOT go to Laughlin to play golf for my BD but we did go Houseboating for the weekend. That was fun, about 10 or so boats all parked on a big beach, lots of food, booze, campfires and fireworks. Keep Safe
    Love ya

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