Setting Sales

April 15, 2019 12:11 am

Setting Sales (this post was supposed to go BEFORE the Japan post!) 

During a visit to Vancouver in May of 2018, we received some VERY exciting news. Spencer and Lindsay were expecting their first baby in December. We were so excited! Grandparents – the moment we had been waiting for! Our most rewarding job yet, was now in our future. We always told our kids that when they brought us grandchildren, we’d move back to Vancouver. So our decision to move back was relatively predictable. At that time we willingly modified our plan for another ‘One Year Travel Adventure’ by breaking up the travel and spreading it over a couple of years. That way, we did not go a whole year without seeing our granddaughter. We planned to stay in some Airbnb’s between trips until we were ready to buy into Vancouver’s outrageous housing market. The ball was definitely rolling now. So much to do, so little time. 

Job #1 on the list was to sell the record store. At first we just sent out feelers, testing the waters for interest. Then late in the summer, Joe contacted a business broker and officially listed the business for sale. We waited patiently for the right buyer to come along and in September, he did. We received a firm and perfect offer with an October 1st turnover  date. We put our condo up for sale right away. We booked a trip to Japan for November, bringing us back to Vancouver on time for our granddaughter’s arrival. I gave my notice at Krazy Town – October 18 would be my last day of work. 

Amazingly, once the store sold, everything systematically fell into place. The condo sold quickly and just before the housing market started to really slow. We know we were extremely lucky there. We even made a little money this time! Meanwhile in Calgary, Joe had his brother Gerry’s townhouse on the market and it also sold the same week. The stars were aligning! 

October 19th we flew to Calgary to see Gerry. It was his birthday weekend plus Joe wanted to tell him in person that his townhouse had sold. We had a several great visits with Gerry which clearly lifted his spirits. I also had a chance to have a girls lunch with some of my Calgary family. It was so nice to see them all! 


Once back in Kelowna we did some mad packing before heading to Vancouver on Oct 26 for my 60th Birthday. Man, did our kids spoil my rotten! Love them!! Check out the itenary of our jam packed, fun filled weekend. 60 isn’t so bad after all! 


Back to Kelowna on Sunday to finish packing. The movers came Tuesday morning and we said goodbye to our condo.


We already had several get togethers with friends and family over the weeks so this was it.


We were Vancouver bound. We stayed in Abbotsford overnight, waiting for the movers to catch up with us. Abbotsford is where we chose to hold a storage locker for all our worldly possessions. We pride ourselves on not having much ‘stuff’ but boy that locker didn’t have an inch to spare. We had to pack smartly and had our bags for Japan packed in the car plus warm clothes for our return were stored at the front of our locker. In the car we also had a Christmas tree, spices, liquor, presents, baby items, canned goods and more…..we were officially homeless and living out of our car!


Thursday was spent in Vancouver with a night at Jordan and Amy’s. They were great hosts and even let us leave our car on their street while we were away. Our last night we spent at River Rock – Japan here we come!






  • Bonnie says:

    Now reading it everything really did fall into place quite smoothly. And yes you had an amazing birthday! Our girls get together was short but we enjoyed every minute to!❤️

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