Thirty-Two Beds and Counting!

December 11, 2014 3:59 am

Whose counting? We are! We have completed our Quebec and USA tour over the last 96 days and have had a fantastic time! And yes, we have slept in 32 different beds.


So hello from Atlanta – just a quick update before we head to Europe!
Saturday, Dec 6 – Tuscaloosa, AL

We stopped for lunch on the way to Tuscaloosa; this sign is unusual for Canadians:


And we stayed overnight in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is the home to the University of Alabama, where the football team the ‘Alabama Crimson Tide’ has won several BCS National Championship’s, earning the city the title the ‘City of Champions’. This is a HUGE deal in Alabama.

Tuscaloosa is also home to the only Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in North America. Cool!

Sunday, Dec 7 – Huntsville, AL

We decided to swing up to Huntsville to visit my dear friend Alexa Huber. Alexa and I both worked for Strategic Technologies and we had traveled together to Whistler and Vegas. Clark County in Vegas was one of our electronic monitoring customers and Alexa and I visited and toured the jail during a trip to Vegas. It was definitely a highlight!

How great it was to see Alexa. She is still the same fantastic,  firery redhead that made us laugh and laugh. She also loaded us up with several Homemade Christmas goodies in thoughtful disposal containers! Where would we pack them? On our hips with everything else. I am nibbling on peanutbrittle as I write.


Huntsville is nicknamed “The Rocket City” for its close association with U.S. space missions and is the centre for rocket-propulsion research in NASA and the Army. Huntsville also is home to Space Camp® launched in 1982 to inspire and motivate young people from around the world to join the ranks of space pioneers who persevere to push the boundaries of human exploration. Huntsville is very much a high tech, engineering focused city.


Monday, Dec 8 – Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is internationally known for the 1941 gold recordsong “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” by Glenn Miller and his orchestra. Joe so kindly took me to this tourist attraction so I could get a shot of the Choo Choo.


After 36 years of operations, the Chattanooga Choo Choo Station House Restaurant will be closing December 18. Times are a changing….

The city is surrounded by various mountains and ridges. The unofficial nicknames for Chattanooga are River City, Chatt, Nooga, Chattown, and Gig City, demonstrating Chattanooga’s claims that it has the fastest internet service in the Western Hemisphere. Really??


We pretended to have our own Christmas Party tonight – a Going-Mobile event (with all 2 of us) at PF Changs:


Tues/Wednesday, Dec 9-10  Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday we turned in our rental car in Atlanta after logging 3073 MILES from Nov 02 – Dec 09. That’s like driving from Vancouver to Quebec City!


Joe was an incredible chauffer and we had a great time exploring the South. We will miss the people, food, accents and of course the Southern Hospitality!

Thursday, Dec 11

We depart for Madrid via Philly….

Friday, Dec 12

We will arrive in Madrid – and will update you then!

Until then, enjoy the Christmas Season and good times with family and friends!

Paula and Joe


  • Spencer & Lindsay says:

    Nice! Glad to see some pictures form the last leg of your US journey. Can’t believe how many miles you put on that car!

    Have a great trip to Madrid, you guys will be fine on the trains!

    Spencer & Lindsay

  • Ann Cassidy says:

    Wonderful blog Paula so enjoying following along with you guys. You will love Madrid the way the food is presented is wonderful – make sure to check out their local market puts Granville Island to shame, but you will need to go early, and save your receipt or you have to pay for the bathroom lol. And pig legs – you are going to be seeing a LOT of pigs legs lol

  • Irene and Clarence says:

    We are back with you once again we had a PC issue so are now catching up with what you have been up to. once again the food looks so good. Stay safe

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