Where Did 4 Years Go?

January 28, 2024 1:23 am

Hello friends and family – we are back! Where did the last 4 years go?

Here’s a quick update – this summer, after 3.5 years of growing the business, we sold our record store, ‘Chilliwax Records’ in Chilliwack and rented out our condo there.

Then we moved to Vancouver! We are residing in Jordan and Amy’s in-law suite in their recently renovated home just off Vancouver’s bustling Main Street. We love it here!

Luckily, Spencer, Lindsay and our granddaughters Margot and Sylvie are less than 15 minutes away. We love being so close to our family, and the neighbourhood is a dream come true for us with shops, bars and restaurants all around us.

We have adjusted to retirement and we are enjoying it. We try and get in a daily walk (weather permitting) but realize now how much exercise we were getting at the store, walking those aisles and hauling boxes of records. It is difficult to compensate!

Two days a week we pick Margot up from kindergarten and she delights us constantly. Sometimes we get Sylvie too!

Tuesday’s are our HH (Happy Hour) Day. We start with a walk, usually to the downtown area, and share a light lunch. Then we hit 2-3 restaurants offering Happy Hour specials and enjoy an appetizer and cocktail. This portion of the day is spread over several hours and many kilometres; and sometimes 25,000 steps! (This portion of the week is spread all over our bodies too! ?) The trek back home is uphill most of the way so the stops are well deserved. We have found many amazing bevies and appies. We always look forward to this day!

Now we are ready to travel again. Our last real trip was to Vegas at the end of January 2020. Then we opened Chilliwax a week later but closed it right away for 8 weeks when the pandemic hit.

We were able to squeeze in a few jaunts to Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, and WA but we’re ready to go the distance and able to go for a longer duration.

Our first trip is planned: January 31 – March 4 we are heading back to Spain, primarily the South Coast! Madrid and Seville are worth a second visit and the rest we are anxious to discover and explore!

We hope you will follow along as we are going-mobile once again!

Paula and Joe


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