Seville & Cordoba

February 28, 2024 7:30 pm

Seville: February 23 – 26

Seville is the capital and largest city in Andalusia with a population of 701,000 and 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. Seville is approximately 2,200 years old and has a large, well-preserved historical centre.

We first visited Seville in December 2014. We had taken in many of the important sites in the city then, so we were able to avoid the extreme lineups formed on this sunny weekend.

This visit we stayed at the same hotel where we spent Christmas Eve, in 2014. The service was exceptional and the staff greet you every time with their signature hand over heart gesture derived from the tradition of an icon Spanish fan. This hotel made our celebration of Joe’s 75 birthday, very memorable.

We enjoyed an amazing tasting menu at a Michelin Star restaurant for Joe’s birthday. What an experience! For the first course you are invited to the bar for a cocktail and introduction from the Chef. There were a few things on the menu that caused a moment of hesitation but what a meal!

We decided to attend another Flamenco here, and it did not disappoint. Their no cells, cameras or talking rule made for an intimate and stirring performance.

After the performance we were able to get a table at this cool restaurant.

We do not support the ‘sport’ of bullfighting but wanted a glimpse into this important Spanish tradition. The Maestranza Bullring is an impressive building with a memory filled museum featuring some of the most important moments in the history of bullfighting. The ring itself was massive and will be filled with fans when the season starts next month.

Cordoba: February 26 – 28

Córdoba has the highest summer temperatures in Spain and Europe, with average high temperatures around 37 °C in July and August. Summers are very dry and the mild winters have frequent rainfall. We got caught in the rain when we arrived but it was short lived.

Beautiful Flamenco Dresses!

Córdoba was an important Roman city and a major Islamic center in the Middle Ages. The city is home to notable examples of Moorish architecture, specifically the incredible Mezquita-Catedral. The immense mosque dates from 784 A.D., and features a columned prayer hall and older Byzantine mosaics. It is one of the most famous monuments of Western Islamic (Moorish) architecture. After the Christian conquest, it became a Catholic Church. Significant modifications occurred in the 16th century and a Renaissance-style nave was added in the 17th century, but much of the original structure remains in the now Cathedral. This tour was an unbelievable experience.

These columns were towering and went on however!

Another great market in Córdoba – we need these in Canada!

Those cookies were almost the size of a record!

We would have loved to see The Courtyards Festival of Córdoba in May – where houses of the historic center open their private patios to the public and compete in a contest of floral decorations. It turns Córdoba into a very busy place, but would be worth a day trip!

We are still happy we did this trip in the off season to avoid the crowds, plus we had great weather. But the flowers were popping and they would have painted everything in a whole new colour.

We are currently in Toledo staying in a funky Airbnb in the old town, with winding cobblestone roads that all seem to go in one direction, up! Thanks for following along!


  • Bonnie says:

    Thankyou for sharing another wonderful tour! Amazing buildings! The art work is so mind boggling!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate Joe’s milestone birthday!

  • Spencer and Margot says:

    Looks like more great stops and seems like it’s always sunny! Glad Dad got to enjoy a fancy restaurant for his birthday and looks happy in the picture. This was another story for Margot’s bedtime and she says “my favorite picture was the cookies because they look yummy.” She wants to go to Spain one day and like all the castles

    • paula says:

      Thanks Spencer and Margot! Those cookies were huge Margot, it would last you a week haha. One day you will come to Spain – chocolate croissants for breakfast everyday! Miss you guys!

  • Elizabeth walkeden says:

    Amazing pictures!!Such a beautiful country and so much history!We would love to go back.Happy belated birthday Joe???

  • Ann Cassidy says:

    Great pictures and information thanks for sharing

  • Bev Styre says:

    Wow great job and wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday Joe, what a great way to celebrate your Birthday! Safe journeys???

  • Evelyn Sim says:

    Wonderful series of pictures. Amazing! You will have a lot of stories to tell when you get home!!

  • Jordan and Amy says:

    Another great trip report. Other than the small amount of rain it looks like you’ve had a sunny trip. Much nicer than the rain and snow in Vancouver!
    Love the restaurant in Seville and seems like it was the perfect place to go for a milestone birthday. Added to our list of “must try’s”.
    Home stretch now, enjoy Madrid and see you soon!

    • paula says:

      Yes the weather was mostly perfect – especially by the sea. Pre-ordering Vancouver sunshine please! The Seville 75th birthday dinner was perfect. You definitely need to try it. Yes, see you soon!

  • Kasey Anderson says:

    Fantastic pictures! We are headed to Seville later this month and will be sure to check out these spots! Glad you had a great trip!

    • paula says:

      Thanks Kasey! You will love Seville – let me know if you need specific names of restaurants and hotels! Enjoy…

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